How to Lose Weight Walking

How to Lose Weight Walking

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How to lose weight walking isn’t that difficult, it’s much more pleasant and easier on your body than going to the gym or working out with equipment.

You can lose weight walking… it just takes perseverance and consistency in other words you need to “stick” with it and do it on a regular basis.

Have you ever started a workout regime whether it’s at home or you’ve gone to the gym and just given up because it’s killing you?

If you find it difficult to do workouts and they are just so draining physically for you then this might just be the right thing for you.

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If you want to lose weight in an easy way meaning not dying during your workout and after.

Walking is a great way to do it.

The pros of walking are great as it’s a form of exercise that can be done at your own pace.

You can modify the speed and size of your steps to your own desire and what you feel capable of doing.

Walking also comes with many other health benefits.

It improves your heart and lung fitness

Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke

It helps control and reduce high blood pressure

Helps reduce high cholesterol

Improves joint and muscular stiffness and helps reduce the pain.

Also helps with the control of diabetes

Gives you stronger bones and improved balance.

Helps reduce stress and improves mental health.

All these benefits and you can even choose where or what place you want to walk in.

You can lose weight by having a regular walking regime.

Doing your walk on a daily basis will get you a weight loss result the quickest.

If you find you are struggling during your walk, just stop take a rest and continue safely when you feel able to do so.

Imagine walking in a nice neighbourhood or in a beautiful park or even along the beach plus losing that weight and all the extra benefits alongside.

Walking to lose weight is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to lose weight and the fat from your belly.

Getting a good walking workout also helps especially by keeping you on track and keeps your daily routine intact.

A walking workout makes it all the more fun and interesting too.

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Remember to do a daily walk and be consistent.

Happy walking


17 Comments for “How to Lose Weight Walking”
  1. It is very wonderful to know that we can lose weight by something we do every day as walking. We can also know that we don’t have to go to the gym to lose weight we can do a regular exercise as just walking. Overall it is very detailed on how walking can really help you to lose all those extra weight. We can know that we can enjoy our exercise by just getting up stretching and going on a walk it is very healthy and we don’t get tired as easily as when we go to the gym and that is so wonderful.

  2. Ruth, this article on “How to Lose Weight Walking” offers a good alternative to aide with weight loss. The benefits listed can be a simple solution for a number of people. Walking is one of the greatest low impact exercise regimens around. Making the commitment to be consistent is actually the hardest part. I agree that a person can choose any location to put in a few extra steps towards a daily goal.

  3. Hi Ruth,

    I agree on walking as an effective way to lose weight. But the problems of many is their laziness and procrastination habit like me…lol.

    This article is a reminder for me to really get serious specially that I am not getting any younger and I need to take care of my heart and health as a whole.

    I saw your recommended weight loss regimes, but I’d love to ask you if you could recommend free work out regimes that is good for an office worker (I sit almost 6-9 hours each day) like me. 

    Thank yo so much and God bless you,


    1. I would just set myself a goal depending on your fitness… for an easy start just a 20min walk.

  4. It is very wonderful to know that we can lose weight by something we do every day as walking, no need going to the gym to lose weight we can do a regular exercise as just walking.
    I agree on walking as an effective way to lose weight. Walking is one of the greatest low impact exercise regimens around. going through this walking exercise consistent can give a good result we list expected.

  5. What a refreshing post about walking to lose weight. Walking has many advantages just as you said. 

    Walking is a great pick-me-up, just being outdoors, inhaling fresh air, enjoying the beauty of nature, and being lost in my thoughts is so calming.

    Not to mention, walking is recommended for people who cannot do strenuous exercises for health purposes to prevent injury, walking is a great alternative.

  6. Thanks for sharing. You see I enjoy taking care of my health and getting into shape. And with that I’m actually trying to lose weight. And I find walking to be a great workout. Especially sense I walk everywhere. Which makes it easier to get into shape. Which many seem to need to do. And this article is surely will help many people that is for sure. So thanks for sharing.

  7. I love walking and it is such good news to see that one can lose weight by walking. Walking is much easier on the joints than running, which I often find tends to jolt my knees. And there are so many benefits of walking, including being out in nature. 

    Do you have a recommendation as how long one should be walking for to be able to lose weight? Or is there a minimum distance that one should aim for on a daily basis? Thank you. 

  8. I love the way you posted those images. that is great. The article is easy to read and easy to understand. Gaining weight has a lot of disadvantages indeed like heart disease,sugar diabetes and so on. apart from the pain in the gym this natural method saves money.  Thank you Ruth  

  9. It is nice to know that daily activities like walking might help us reduce weight. We can walk regularly as exercise to lose weight without having to visit the gym. I looked at your suggested weight-loss plans. There is no doubt that many individuals will benefit from reading this post. Thanks for sharing, then.

  10. hi I find your article very great and motivating. very good that you wrote that, because I think you addressed something very important. I myself am very interested in the topic. In fact, I was able to lose a few pounds with the tactic. I only have one question. How about the shoes? Which ones do you recommend? When I was overweight, I always had problems finding shoes that made sure that my feet didn’t hurt.

    1. I believe because everyone is an individual, it all depends on which shoe feels most comfortable, personally I like Skechers 

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